Publication Documents

Perpetual Asphalt Pavements: A Synthesis - This comprehensive publication captures the activities that have taken place over the last decade and synthesizes the information in way that is useful to providing guidance for Perpetual Pavement design and construction. Click here to download.   Asphalt. America Rides On Us - Asphalt has always been and continues to be the pavement of choice for America. This brochure discusses the benefits of the product and why asphalt is right for America, right now and into the future. Click here to download.   Smoothness Matters - Experts say that vehicles consume less fuel when traveling on smoother pavements. This makes sense intuitively. And, lower consumption of fuel conserves natural resources for a healthier environment. Click here to download.
LCCA Express - Software from the APA is making life easier for engineers who perform life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) for pavements. Click here for more information and a link to download the software.   Jobs in Asphalt - This white paper highlights the varied jobs that are a part of asphalt road construction and the collective impact that the industry has on the rest of the economy. To view or download a copy, click here.   Pavement Type Selection - In making any decision concerning the type of pavement to use on a roadway, a road agency is obligated to get the best value for the taxpayers. For the APA's 2010 position paper on pavement type selection, click here.
Carbon Footprint - This paper examines greenhouse gas production of asphalt and concrete pavements. The analysis shows clearly that asphalt has a much lower carbon footprint than concrete. When it comes to pavement, asphalt is the more sustainble choice. Click here to download.   Asphalt in Livable Communities - This report acknowledges the momentum toward creating more livable communities and details the sustainable qualities that make asphalt a natural source for advancing the goals of livability. Click here to download.   Keys to a Successful Alternate Bidding Process - Alternate bidding is a complex subject, but this new, user-friendly white paper breaks it down for contractors and agencies. Click here to download.
Cleaner Water with Asphalt Pavements - can today's asphalt pavements - made of 5 percent asphalt cement, a petroleum product, and 95 percent stone - really provide cleaner water? The answer, although it may not be intuitively obvious, is YES. Click here to learn more.   High-Performance Intersections - This technical publication provides useful guidelines to the pavement designers who deal with the challenges of intersections and other high-stress pavements. The eight-page publication is available free by clicking here.   Life-Cycle Cost Analysis: A Position Paper - The new APA document covers all the most important concepts, such as net present value, discount rates, salvage value, maintenance costs, and predicted performance life.
Click here to download the new document.
Thinlay Toolkit Strategic Document - With limited funding and aging roads, agencies need cost-effective, longlasting pavement preservation techniques. Thinlays are a suite of asphalt overlays that are developed for pavement preservation using proven pavement design principles. If you are an engineer or road owner, click here to learn more.