WAPA Names Deborah Schwerman Director of Engineering

WAPA Names Deborah Schwerman Director of Engineering

The Wisconsin Asphalt Pavement Association (WAPA) announced today that Deborah Schwerman has joined WAPA as the Director of Engineering. Schwerman brings a wealth of experience, having worked in the asphalt paving industry for more than twenty years. Prior to joining WAPA, Schwerman was the Southeast Regional Hot Mix Asphalt Specialist for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and most recently served as the Materials Lab Coordinator for the agency's Bureau of Technical Services. She has also worked for several asphalt producers across the county.

As Director of Engineering, Schwerman will provide pavement engineering technical resources to WAPA members and state agencies. Her knowledge of pavement materials, mechanistic design, construction processes, and specifications will be an asset to these key stakeholders.

With her extensive industry experience, Schwerman will have an immediate impact on the organization as WAPA continues to build and strengthen working relationships with professional engineers, government employees, and the public to promote the benefits of asphalt pavements and advance the latest innovations in asphalt technology.

About WAPA

"Asphalt. Wisconsin rides on us." Established in 1948, WAPA is a statewide nonprofit organization representing the asphalt industry on a wide range of issues related to asphalt design, construction, maintenance, technical specifications, costs, marketing, and public policy. WAPA members include asphalt mixture producers, contractors, liquid asphalt suppliers and associate members who support the industry by providing quality pavements, materials and services. WAPA's mission is to keep asphalt the number one choice for pavements by building quality roads in a safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner that is in the best interest of the customer and the state.

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